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Two Youths Experience Deep Root Farm

July 5, 2013

Two eight year old girls from Potsdam participated in the first session of Deep Root Farm Summer Youth experience. Fortunately, they are very good friends and have known each other since they were one year old. At times, it seemed like they knew each other a little too well.  If the amount of fun a child has had can be measured by the amount of dirt on their bodies at the end of each day…I would say this week has been a success.

The seventeen chickens and ten teenage chicks were the highlight of the week. Each day they went into the coop at least 3-4 times to collect eggs. Every time there was a loud ruckus coming from the hen yard, one would say to me, “I think there are more eggs in the nests. They certainly are being loud.”

We spent the first day painting an old toy of MacKenzie’s. Mike had built it as a doll house when she was four years old, however she never used it for dolls. It immediately became a horse barn and stables. The girls decided to keep it a barn and painted it red and brown. They also painted some wooden animals. It took a few days for the paint to dry, but they were able to play with the farm they had created by the third day.

On the second day we decided to do some experiments with baking soda and vinegar. We put the soda in an old dish-soap bottle and then poured vinegar in and immediately put the cap on. They took it outside and pulled the spout up and listened to the gas escape. Shaking it up created more gas. After two or three times it didn’t fizz anymore. Then they wanted to make some bubble solution. We filled a big metal pan with water and added dish soap and glycerin. However, we never got the mixture just right. We could get bubbles, but they always popped before they came off the bubble maker.

It was a very hot, muggy and wet week, but as you can tell from the following interview the conducted of each other, the undesirable weather did not inhibit the amount of fun memories they were able to create together.

Celeste did you have fun? Yes I had a lot of fun.

Why? Because my friend Clare was here and we got to feed the chickens, collect eggs and play in the woods.

So what did you like about camp, Clare? I liked pretty much everything Celeste liked and I liked painting.

Clare, did you like being with the chickens? YES!!!

What was your favorite thing, Celeste? I like pretty much everything the best.

What did you do in the woods, Clare? I played with you, Celeste and a swung on the swing.

Celeste, did you see anything that you have never seen before, at camp? I saw Mike growing mushrooms and I saw an unusual spider and a beetle.

What did you do on your last day? We had a campfire and ate marshmallows and chocolate.

How many bug bites did you get this week? Celeste got eleven and Clare got a lot.

Did you finish the fairy house you were working on this week? No, because it was too wet to work on it.

It sounds like they had as much fun as I did.

*The girls  took most of the photos in the gallery*

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