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In 2005, Mike, Maria, Ian and MacKenzie moved to their off-grid piece of forest in Pierrepont, NY. It was not their original intention to farm the land, however that is what has evolved over the last seven years. In September 2009, Mike resigned from his full time job with the USGS and became a homesteader.  Deep Root Farm was established in 2010 as a CSA/Market Farm. During their first year, they grew most of the produce for 20 member families on land eleven miles from our own farm. While this was an amazing learning experience, they discovered very early that season that they wanted to be farming their own land. Because they are in the middle of the forest, in 2011 and 2012 they had to severely reduce their number of shareholders and did not sell at Farmer’s Market during the CSA season. They grow many varieties of veggies, raise chickens for eggs and now grow mushrooms.

This past year was a hard one for the CSA gardens.  They have have decided to discontinue the CSA and grow for themselves.  After all they are homesteading; it seemed a bit silly that they gave most of the produce to the CSA share holders and did not really have enough for themselves.

Mike currently works at Nature’s Storehouse cooking all the yummy soups and deli salads and wraps.  He also spends a significant part of his day on our land cutting our firewood, working in the gardens, and fixing whatever happens to breakdown on any given day.

At this point, Maria is at a crossroads; she quit her job at Little River Community School and is looking into starting a self directed learning center, because creating some kind of educational facility has always been part of their vision for the future. This vision is expanding as they become more educated about alternatives to school that help young people navigate the world to find their passion.  In the meantime, she will be operating a “camp” four weeks this summer.  They are calling it Deep Root Farm Summer youth experience.

Ian is at Hampshire College and just finished his first year.  He will be a counselor at Unirondack Summer Camp this summer.  MacKenzie just completed her Junior year, she worked independently this last semester, and took a college class at SLU.  She is still uncertain about her plans for this summer and next year.

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